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I don't cook with exact measurements so all of my measurements are for order of magnitude. The objective on this page is to provide the ingredients more than their amounts.

Broccoli Surprise (4 servings) (March 23 2014 - pretty close to what I think is how I 'wing it")

1 c
THRIVE™ Broccoli
1 c
THRIVE™ Diced Potatoes (Freeze-Dried)
1 c
THRIVE™ Cheddar Cheese
little less than 1/2 c
THRIVE™ Sour Cream
little less than 1/2 c
THRIVE™ Butter
1/4 c
THRIVE™ Onion (Freeze-Dried)
Salt & Pepper to taste
2 c
Set oven to 400 convect. (425 conventional )

Mix ingredients all together. Mix will seem soupy, the end result might be a little more like soft mashed potatoes, but if reheated, you'll want this much water. Please adjust to your preference.

Grease a glass oven pan, add ingredients and bake until top starts to turn lightly brown (about 20 minutes)

Chicken Salad (2 servings) (March 13 2011 )

1 c
THRIVE™ Chopped Chicken
1/3 c
THRIVE™ Celery
to taste
Seasoned Salt
to taste
Worcheshire Sauce
to taste
to taste


Reconstitute chicken per directions. Use approximations for this reduced amount recipe.

Near the end of the chicken reconstitution time (15-20 minutes), add celery. If the chicken did not have residual water, add a tiny additional amount of water.

Add remaining ingredients and mix.

Chili (4 servings) draft (March 20 2011 ) - Still under review, but was good the first try

Amount + Amount of Water Ingredient
1c + 1c
THRIVE™ Freeze-Dried Onion
2c + 2c
THRIVE™ Ground Beef
1/2c + 1/2c
THRIVE™ Bell Peppers
Campbell Tomato Soup 10 3/4 oz can (to be modified to THRIVE™ Tomato Powder - stay tuned)
Kidney Beans, your choice, 16 oz can (to be modified to THRIVE™ beans - stay tuned)
to taste
Chili powder
as desired
to taste
Garlic (I used a scoop of minced garlic using a tableware tablespoon)
Oil for cooking (I use olive oil)


Hydrate onions in deep fry pan/pot

High heat until water dissipates. Add oil and lightly brown onion. Near end of browning, add garlic if desired.

Add meat, peppers, beans, soup, chili powder. Bring to simmer.

Add corn if desired.

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