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Michael Guydish
Independent Consultant

Overcoming the dark connotation of food storage - one taste at a time


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When consuming Freeze-Dried foods, Drink more water - Most people typically get a portion of their daily water intake from hydrated foods. The more Freeze-Dried or Dehydrated foods you eat, the more water you need to drink.

Food Saver - If you own or purchase a Food Saver with canister attachment and Ball canning jars, use the jar adapters for Ball jars to extend the 'opened' life of your products.

Keep your food sealed - Even in dry climates, freeze-dried foods want to absorb moisture. The Oxygen absorbing packs and lid are your friends, keep them as long as you keep the food. The moisture will not ruin the ingredient, but if you enjoy the crisp dry snackability, it will take away from the crispness.

Crumbs! - Shipping and handling through the delivery system leave a useful amount of crumbs. Here's what I do with them. Suggestions welcome and I will add them here:


Add to THRIVE Quick Oats , THRIVE Germade, THRIVE Yogurt, THRIVE 9 Grain Cracked Cereal
Blueberries Add to THRIVE Oatmeal, THRIVE 9 Grain Pancake Mix , THRIVE Yogurt
Mandarin Orange (discontinued) Ham glaze or eat the powder directly for a healthy version of Pixie Sticks or a substitute for your other favorite citric acid infused sugar candy.
Apples Just eat them