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Overcoming the dark connotation of food storage - one taste at a time


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dōTERRA - Essential Oils. It took me about 3 or 4 years to start believing these work. I now have my own stories and growing.


EPA Emergency Disinfection of Drinking Water Main page

-  Bleach and Calcium Hypochlorite summary pdf (EPA)
   ----Mike's marked up version----
   Note: Storage of calcium hypochlorite is a major safety consideration.
   It should never be stored where it is subject to heat or allowed to contact
   any organic material of an easily oxidized nature (USEPA, 1998b).

-  EPA Chlorine Hazards

-   (Detailed) Disinfectant use in Water Treatment (.doc) (.pdf)


Fox News (3/14/2012): Family of 4 average monthly grocery bill: $942

Solo Around The Americas (Matt Rutherford) - Q & A: How are the Thrive Life meals working out?

Freeze-dried food and the new frugal frontier - Freeze Dried food not just for storage and emergencies.

Strawberries Fight Cancer, Study Finds - Freeze-dried especially.


FOOD STORAGE ACCESSORIES - Very advanced and overdesigned (read: tons of design passion baked into it) (I LOVE that as an engineer and gadget freak). JarBOX is the BEST way to store dozens of quart sized canning jars for any purpose (storage, travel, camping, organization of many foods). For opened THRIVE™ foods, use a Food Saver with canister feature, a wide-mouth jar adapter, wide-mouth quart-sized jars, and store them with a JarBOX!



Colorado Concealed Permit - Awesome Firearms training for self defense. High end instructor experience you won't find from just an enthusiastic textbook firearms instructor.



Long Term Food Storage and Emergency Management - Ted Conti called in to Peter Boyles 5am 11/14/2012. Ted had/has? a prepping radio show in Northern Co based on his notes. It is free material.
Click here to download the Peter Boyles Peter Boyles 11/14/2012 5am Show. 38m:50s into this podcast starts Ted's phone call.

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