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Overcoming the dark connotation of food storage - one taste at a time

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Food Products (Not Just for Storage!)
  • Up to 25+ years Storage Life
  • Convenience & Taste for everyday use
    - Sports and Activities, Day Trips
    - Easy Preparation
  • Freeze-Dried For Nutrition
  • Fruit, Vegetable, Meat, Dairy
    - Individual Items for Maximum Flexibility
  • Entrees Available
  • Commodity Investment
Food Storage Rotation Equipment
Emergency Preparedness Kits & Supplies
Food Storage Planning & Scheduling to Meet your Budget

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Home Food Store


“Americans are becoming more aware of their need for emergency food storage as their parents and grandparents once did. Many natural and man-made events can cause interruptions in the food supply chain. Unlike decades ago, the individual parts to this well-running supply machine will not survive on their own. Storing food and water for you and your family is one of the most prudent actions you will ever take. ”
BE PREPARED while making everyday use of these products.

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Michael Guydish
Thrive Life Independent Consultant


Why am I doing this? I was a customer for over a year when I discovered products can also be sold by individual consultants and they can provide more comprehensive solutions at cheaper prices than my previous retail method.



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